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Rush n’ Destroy was born at the instigation of Redz and some friends (Dl3d and Far) during counterstrike 1.2.

The guild crossed the years by venturing on diverse games, from Dark age of Camelot  to Titan Fall, via several online games (TFC, CS, DAoC, TF2, Vanguard, SWG, L2, CoH/CoX, Aion, Warhammer, SWTOR, TERA, WOW, Guild Wars, Wildstar, Final fantasy XI & XIV ARR, Warframe, Archeage, BnS, etc…).

The guild is made of members who mix for several years on diverse universes whether it is on FPS or on MMORPG, new members were added during our wandering on these different games.

First of all we are a group of friends, PvP focus, and we appreciate evolving within a restricted family team, we are no factory-guild at all.

We recruit our members in a friendly atmosphere, so we don’t ask for never-ending CV but simply 1 week of trial to see if the new recruit fits with the guild or not.

We also are a european guild so English is required.

The conditions of recruitment are simple :

To not be a drama queen (no dramas allowed, we’re here for pvp, having fun not for crying or making trouble)

To have a consequent game time

To be of age (20+)

To have Teamspeak installed and up to date

To be serious when needed

To speak English

You have to know that we wish to progress in an easy-going mood, without losing sight of efficiency, respect and sharing!

Good game to you all, look forward to see each other IG.

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